Montessori Center School

toddler through sixth grade since 1965



  • Classrooms: Brown Door North, Brown Door West and Brown Door East.
  • Student-teacher ratio:  12-14 students per 1 teacher.
  • Hours: 8:30 to 3pm.
  • After School Care available until 5:30

Our Upper Elementary program is comprised of a community of children and teachers that participate together in the same activities, field trips, student government and curriculum.  Therefore, all children spend equal time in all three classrooms and receiving lessons from all teachers.  However, they are each assigned a "homeroom" where a teacher watches their progress throughout the year, and guides the language and math progression of each home room student. The homeroom classes are divided with an effort to balance gender and ages in the class.  Teachers divide the curriculum and rotate being the main instructor for cultural studies.


The Upper Elementary program continues to support the lifelong skills of independence, responsibility, self-direction, and respect inherent in all of MCS's classrooms. Our program prepares students for the transition into junior high school and beyond by fostering a love of learning and strong organizational skills. Our program honors the need for social interaction that is so critical for this age group and fosters strong self-acceptance and tolerance of others.

  • Montessori hands-on materials and projects
  • Adventure camps 
  • Backpack trips
  • Science camps
  • Standardized Test once a year starting in the third year of Lower Elementary
  • Student government
  • Introduction to running a small class-based business
  • Community service projects
  • Interscholastic team sports
  • Drama projects
  • California Mission projects
  • Science, Invention and Architecture fairs
  • Specialist classes include Spanish, Art, Music, PE, Theater, and Computer skills
  • Guided Library time
  • Mentor responsibilities with the school’s younger students
  • Opportunities to participate in Lego robotics activities
  • Opportunity to qualify for County Spelling Bee 
  • Opportunity to qualify for County Math Superbowl


  • Math
  • Geometry
  • Language arts
  • Biological and Physical Science
  • Social Studies (American and World History)
  • Physical and Cultural Geography
  • Anthropology
  • Spanish Language and Cultures
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Library Science
  • Computers and technology
  • Dramatic Arts