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Eight Ways Your Child Can Benefit from an MCS Education:

  1. Montessori education supports intellectual, social, physical, creative and moral development.
  2. MCS offers quality education from toddler to early adolescence with a cohesive philosophy and challenging curriculum.
  3. Montessori education is a proven alternative to traditional education. Students are self-motivated, self-disciplined, well-prepared academically and able to work independently and in groups.
  4. MCS creates a collaborative environment where students, parents and faculty work together toward life long outcomes. Click here to view Outcomes of a Montessori Education.
  5. Montessori education prepares students for academic excellence, confident, life long learning and responsible, caring lives.
  6. Montessori educated students encourage each other to learn while working at their own pace.
  7. MCS offers convenient, safe and creative child care programs after school and for much of the summer.
  8. MCS' extraordinary faculty offers children the benefits of their world and career experience, helping to celebrate cultural differences as well as similarities.



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