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AdmissionsEligibility and Time Frames

MCS does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or national origin.
Applications are accepted at any time during the year. However, children must be at least 18 months old to enter MCS. Early application is advised.


Parents should contact the Admissions Office to make an appointment and to receive additional information regarding MCS philosophies and programs.

Tours, which are for adults only, are regularly conducted each week on Wednesday or Thursday mornings at 9:00, and include: program and philosophy overview, walking tour of the campus with brief observations at each level, and some specialists' classes.

Tours last approximately 60 minutes.


You are welcome to access the school’s application forms, available here by download, or pick them up when you come for your tour. The completed application forms along with the $100 application processing fee need to be turned into the MCS Admissions Office prior to the child’s interview date.


MCS schedules a visit for the child that may last:

  • 30 minutes for Pre-Primary (1.5-2 year old) candidates,
  • 30-45 minutes for Primary (3-5 year old) candidates,
  • 60-90 minutes and an additional half-to-full day for most Elementary (ages 6-12) candidates.

Prior to a decision regarding possible acceptance, applicants are interviewed by a teacher or the Director of Admissions, either individually or in a classroom grouping. Interview notes and recommendations are submitted to the Head of School. Follow-up interviews, when necessary, may be conducted, perhaps by a different teacher. In any event, the interviewing teacher is not necessarily the teacher with whom the child would be placed.

Following interviews with the child and parents, a decision is made by the Head of School and Director of Admissions regarding child's readiness for admission and child's/family's potential to benefit from MCS' available, pertinent programs. Parents are notified of the school's decision by phone or letter. No information regarding placement decision is given except by the Head or Head's designee.

Such notification will address readiness and placement considerations only; they are not considered clinical evaluations. Interview specifics remain confidential.

If immediate placement is not an option, the student's name is placed in MCS waiting pool.

Siblings, children applying for re-admission, or those transferring from another Montessori school are interviewed as noted above and may be given special consideration for any available openings.

Enrollment and Placement

Although most enrollments begin in September, children may be enrolled as appropriate openings occur. MCS determines placements in accordance with reasonable classroom balance (age, sex, ability) and potential matches between school/class and candidates. Thus, enrollment is not first-come, first-served.

When enrollment is offered, parents receive a school year contract, which should be signed and returned immediately, with appropriate fees. MCS anticipates long term enrollments/re-enrollments, although contracts are annual.


When contracts and fees are received by MCS:

  • The child is entered on MCS roll (the speed with which the child is assigned to a specific class depends on when the child is enrolled).
  • An enrollment packet (handbook, forms, class assignment and start date) is sent to the parents (immediately, for those enrolled once school has begun, and during summer for those beginning in fall).
  • A host family is asked to call and welcome new families.
  • All forms are to be returned prior to child's entry.

Teachers orient students to the environment and daily routine during their first week of school.

Enrollment contracts for returning students are offered in February and must be returned by March 1 with appropriate fees to secure enrollment, prior to release of enrollment contracts for new students; the latter are offered in March.

A six week observation (probationary) period applies to all new students.

When possible, new student totals do not exceed 1/3 of a class enrollment.

MCS does not discriminate in the admission of students on the basis of race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, color, disability, national and ethnic origin.


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