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Visiting MCS

MCSIt's a pleasure to have alumni visit us and let us know about their new experiences and schools or see former classmates and teachers. Sometimes, though, our former students are returning just for a few minutes so they can join their younger sibling here in time for parents to pick them up together.

Whatever the occasion for the alum's return, we can all enjoy it more if we apply the following guidelines:

  • Stop by the office first, to sign in, so we know you are on campus and where to find you if we need to.
  • If you are planning on spending most of the day with us, please arrange (or have your parents arrange) it beforehand with the office staff, who, in turn, will check with classroom faculty. Parents must sign releases at the office before dropping off alumni.
  • If you are here just for dismissal time, please stay with your sibling/sibling's class until you are picked up and please understand that although teachers are happy to see you, they are generally quite busy during dismissal. Play areas and equipment, After School Care, or other classrooms are unavailable to you.
  • If you arrive while class is in session, please minimize the happy disruption your appearance may create; wait quietly until a teacher or student is free to greet you.
  • When you enter a class or area of campus, introduce yourself to any new faculty or staff there; they are responsible for the safety of current students and may not know you are a welcomed alumni.
  • Follow the same rules as MCS students; remember that many younger MCS students are watching and probably idealizing you!

Thanks for helping us enjoy your visit to the fullest!

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