Specialists Programs

This information summarizes only the courses taught by Specialist teachers. Classroom faculty at all levels also may incorporate these subject areas in their curriculum.


ArtThe Art Garden program meets criteria of the Visual Arts Standards for California. Designed to encourage aesthetic awareness, creative problem solving and skill development in a variety of mediums (clay, painting, printing, weaving, etc.) connections are made to science, geography, literature and cultural influences.



ComputerStudents meet once a week with Francis Cosworth, our Computer Specialist, covering PowerPoint presentations, website design, word processing skills, and array of other activities based on skill level. This program integrates with the curriculum in the Upper Elementary Program.




MusicMusic studio classes are a synthesis of the Orff Schulwerk, Kodaly and Dalcroze methods of music education. Children are instructed in singing, playing of instruments, speech, note-reading, movement and rhythm using a whole-child, child-centered approach and drawing on literary, national and global materials.




The Library program stimulates a love of varied books while supplementing classroom learning in Literature, Language Arts, and Social Sciences. It develops skills in language, listening, reading, research, analysis, genre studies and library resources and technology. Activities range from poetry readings to book reports and thematic studies.


Physical Education

PEThe formal physical education classes provide instruction that encourages students to interact, produce, share, rebound from disappointment, accept success with humility, lead and follow, while attaining higher physical fitness, agility and endurance and an interest in recreation.


Spanish Language and Culture

The goal is to expose students to Spanish language and cultures at a young and impressionable age, through consistent, formal instruction. We present vocabulary in the context of daily life or through the cultural variety among Spanish-speaking nations. The program's focus is global and relies on songs, games, manipulative materials, puppets, food, role play, books and tapes.

Spanish Language and Culture



Instruction in theater arts develops dramatic and musical skills while building cooperation and self-esteem in activities that range from theater exercises to skits and musicals like "Oliver." Students work on projection, movement, acting technique, choreography, sets, costumes and props.

MCS Theater



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